About Us

Who we are:  Anonymous Yogi (AY) and Scoops

Scoops (in regular font):  A veteran of Johnson & Wales University (not as an alum–just an employee), and an amateur foodie, Scoops brings to the table an adventuresome spirit and a willingness to try almost anything, as long as it didn’t at one time have sentience.  Leaning towards ethnic offerings, Scoops is equally comfortable in an Ethiopian restaurant (DeSoto Lounge on Tuesday nights, anyone?) or a burger joint, as long as there are veggie options available. Also, when appropriate, Scoops likes to comment on interesting plating and fun combinations of food that are unexpected, creative, and risky.

Anonymous Yogi (in italicized font):  AY’s perspective on food tends to lean more towards the subtle.  AY is not very fond of very hot and spicy foods and avoids (when possible) onions and garlic.  AY doesn’t really use condiments, preferring simple food–food that is prepared in a way that brings out the natural flavor of each ingredient.  AY also considers the energy in the food and whether or not the meal is balanced and easily digestible.

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2 Responses to About Us