The vegetarian category is for restaurants that have a full vegetarian menu and serve no meat. They will use dairy and eggs in some of their dishes.

Taste of Compassion is THIS THURSDAY!!

I don’t think there’s a better vegetarian event out there, and certainly not for a better cause.  If you haven’t had a chance to go yet, make this your year!  And if you have gone before, you know what I’m… Continue reading

Laughing Seed Cafe

As AY was quick to point out this week when we were trying to decide which restaurant we should review next, Laughing Seed is one of the Grande Dames of Asheville’s burgeoning vegetarian food business.  One of the oldest and… Continue reading

Green Light Cafe

(Update:  Green Light Cafe has now closed.)

Woo hoo!  Our first actual vegetarian restaurant on our veggie-dining site!  We chose Green Light Cafe because we hadn’t been there in a while and thought it might be a good place to… Continue reading

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