Vegetarian Friendly

These restaurants are not vegetarian and include meat and fish on their menu. They may however have a vegetarian section on their menu or a variety of vegetarian options, and may be willing to substitute tofu for meat in the non-vegetarian selections.

Chai Pani

Indian Street Food…don’t the very words conjure up the smells, sounds, and sights of exotic locales?  Can’t you just see the colorful, jostling streets with vendors barking out invitations to their delicious wares…the heady smell of baking bread?  That’s kind… Continue reading

Avenue M

Two nights ago, AY and I had dinner at Avenue M.  As much as that sentence sounds like I’m trying to protect the identity of the restaurant, that’s really not the case.  It really is called “Avenue M.”  The “M”… Continue reading

Westville Pub

Ah, the Westville Pub.  When I think about it, I remember the time two years ago during that huge snowstorm we had in December, when we walked up to Haywood after losing power and had dinner there.  I remember how… Continue reading

Nine Mile

On the way to Nine Mile last night, an awesome Jamaican/Caribbean/Fusion restaurant in North Asheville, AY said dryly from the back seat that he wished he had put his Garlic-Shield up.  I just about jumped up and down in the… Continue reading

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