Vegetarian Friendly

These restaurants are not vegetarian and include meat and fish on their menu. They may however have a vegetarian section on their menu or a variety of vegetarian options, and may be willing to substitute tofu for meat in the non-vegetarian selections.

Tomato Jam Cafe

Once in a blue moon, you’ll find a happy little lunch spot that just seems to wrap you up in its warmth, coziness, and overall good vibes.  Tiny little Tomato Jam Café, located in a Doctor’s Park across from St.… Continue reading

Twelve Bones Smokehouse

“When I get a hankering for some good barbeque…”  Okay, you’ll never actually hear that come out of my mouth.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally get a hankering for a good barbeque restaurant.  I do.  Frequently.  Particularly when… Continue reading


Any time I’m in East Asheville (usually for a doctor’s appointment) I make it a point to try to get coffee and some sort of treat at Filo Pastries.  You know those rare places that, even though they aren’t expensive,… Continue reading

Village Wayside Bar & Grille

Lately, Sean and I have been trying to branch out.  There are some places that just seem like cool places to try, particularly for vegetarians, and there are some places that we have jointly taken one look at and decided… Continue reading

Chorizo Latin Fare

It’s amazing that in a town with so many incredible breakfast options, SLG had yet to write a post about breakfast food.  Fellow vegetarians, your wait has ended!  I am pleased to announce that, on the recommendation of several people,… Continue reading

Tomato Cocina Latina

Delicious vegetarian food shows up in some unlikely places sometimes.  When I say “Latin American and Spanish food,” your mind instantly jumps to grilled torros and arroz con pollo, no?  Not at Tomato Cocina Latina!  They have a dedicated vegetarian… Continue reading

Suwana’s Thai Orchid

AY – Located on Broadway street in downtown Asheville, Thai Orchid is a place to get authentic Thai cuisine. The menu is vast and there is a sign on the door which states that the menu has vegetarian and vegan… Continue reading

Nona Mia

I am forever grateful to my awesome cousin, Charles, for telling me about Nona Mia, when it was still out in a strip mall on Patton Avenue and before we could walk to it from our house.  He pretty much… Continue reading

India Garden

When you look at the menu and see nearly two dozen vegetarian entrees, most of them vegan, you realize you’re heading into some truly veg-friendly territory.  Such is the case at India Garden.  As you might expect in an Indian… Continue reading

Lucky Otter

One of the fun things about doing a review with someone with polar opposite tastes in veg food is that you get stretched in culinary directions you wouldn’t expect.  When I showed up to meet AY to do our review… Continue reading

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