Epic Tempeh Taco Challenge is Tomorrow, Y’all!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx9Fqj8aNe0&feature=youtu.be  Sounds like it will be truly…epic!

Congratulations to Chef Wright of Tomato Jam Cafe!

Congratulations to Chef Daniel Wright of Tomato Jam Cafe for winning the 2013 WNC Chef’s Challenge:  http://wncmagazine.com/wineandfood/wright/  He beat a lot of great chefs at a lot of impressive restaurants to win this title.  I’m so glad I… Continue reading

Aqua Cafe and Bar

Soy Lentil Green, at its core, has always been about celebrating restaurants that give vegetarians happy places to eat in Asheville.  We made a decision early on to be positive with our reviews–not to gloss over things that weren’t stellar,… Continue reading

Dine to Be Kind on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Save the date!

In honor of National Spay/Neuter Day, The 9th Annual Dine to be Kindis on Tuesday February 28, 2012.  Many of the participating restaurants are either places we’ve reviewed or ones we plan to.  Most are vegetarian… Continue reading

Welcome to Soy Lentil Green!

So, you’re a vegetarian, or you just eat like one.   And you want to go to an Asheville, NC restaurant.  Maybe you’re a local, or maybe you’re just visiting.  You’re in luck, because Asheville is chock-full of awesome vegetarian/vegan locavore… Continue reading

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