The Chef is Willing But the Menu is Weak

This category contains restaurants that are very limited in their vegetarian offerings, but they have creative chefs who enjoy the challenge of preparing a satisfying and exciting vegetarian dish. You have to be a little assertive at these restaurants and ask for what you want, but you are unlikely to be disappointed with the result.

Isis Restaurant & Music Hall

There are restaurants that are pretty easy to categorize, and then there are restaurants, like Isis Restaurant & Music Hall, that are more challenging.  On the one hand, when we walked in on their very first night last Monday, we… Continue reading

The Chop House

(Solo review from Scoops this time.  AY will return in our next blog post.)

Pleasant surprises are always nice, particularly at the holidays.  We hadn’t even originally put The Chop House on our directory, because…well, it’s a steak house.  Why… Continue reading

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