Pho Ya Belly Food Truck

Sandwiches can be such boring things:  a bit of cheese here, a couple of random veggies there.  If you’re lucky, you might get some nice garlic aioli or some interesting mustard.  Not so at the Pho Ya Belly food truck.  I have recently christened the tofu or tempeh Banh Mi as my favorite sandwich in all of Asheville.  It’s got vegetarian mushroom pate, vegetables (but they’re pickled!), chilies, herbs, sprouts, housemade mayo, and of course, marinated tofu, all on a toasted baguette that I think rivals the best baguettes I’ve had anywhere.

It was love at first bite.  The flavors blend with the creaminess of the mayo in such a way that you barely notice that your mouth is on fire until after the fact.  And you don’t even care.  All you want is the next bite, and the next one, until you find yourself at the end of your sandwich and wondering where the food truck is going to be stationed tomorrow.  (Sigh…)

But that’s not all.  They have veg versions of every item on their menu, a rarity even in veg-loving Asheville.  There’s a Vegetarian Spring Roll, Tofu Noodle Soup, and yesterday they had four, yes FOUR vegetarian specials (one was the tempeh Banh Mi, with Smiling Hara tempeh).  If we had noticed that they also had an oyster mushroom salad, instead of being so single-mindedly fixed on making my husband try the Banh Mi, we would have gotten that instead (or in addition to, more likely).  And they also use a lot of fresh local ingredients, which is always a plus.

So if you like good Vietnamese food, or good sandwiches (or heck, just good food), then find out where Pho Ya Belly is tomorrow and go try it.  Unless you already have, because then you already know exactly what I mean…

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