Veggie Love

Some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Asheville aren’t restaurants at all.  Asheville has a mind-boggling array of really tasty food trucks that stake out claims in various parts of town, along with making regular showings at the many festivals we have in Asheville and the surrounding areas.  As far as I know, the only vegan, gluten-free one though, is Veggie Love.  Trust me, you’ll never miss all the wheat, cheese, and eggs.

The last time my hubby and I had Veggie Love food was at Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival (LAAFF).  It was her inaugural weekend with the food truck, which usually seems to spell trouble for most places.  Not Veggie Love.  They were completely on their game, even as a fledgling venture.  I had already eaten, but the aforementioned hubby decided to try their greens, beans and corn bread combo.  Wow.  I was seriously upset that I wasn’t hungry.  I still kept picking at his food, and I usually don’t even gravitate towards the greens and beans thing.  But this was special–the beans were cooked just right and the greens were seasoned perfectly.  The gravy covering them all was some of the best vegetarian comfort food I’ve ever tasted.

So I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised last night when the three of us all got the same thing from Veggie Love–the Dosarito–and were all just blown away by how good it was.

AY – The “Dosarito” is the signature and most popular dish of Veggie Love. Its name is derived from a combination of the Dosa – popular in South India, and the ubiquitous Mexican Burrito. The filling contains curried potatoes, gingered cabbage, cilantro-coconut chutney, cashew cream sauce, and fresh spinach garnish. The wrap (Dosa) is made with fermented (like sourdough) lentils and rice. Dosaritos are a creative masterpiece!

I visit the Veggie Love food truck quite frequently and am never disappointed. Owner and Chef (Alison) caters to my avoidance of onions and garlic. I have had a macrobiotic meal, chili with brown rice, the Peace Burger (raw burger), coconut squash soup, raw deserts, and healthy chocolate chip cookies. They also serve a raw juice, a smoothy, organic tea and coffee. It’s amazing what great, tasty and healthy food comes from a truck!!

I can vouch for the butternut squash soup as well.  I would never have believed it was vegan if I hadn’t already known it was.  It was so creamy and flavorful that I regretted having to finish my last spoonful.  Do yourself a favor and seek out this food truck!  The menu changes frequently, but it will always be a pleasant surprise.

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