Green Light Cafe

(Update:  Green Light Cafe has now closed.)

Woo hoo!  Our first actual vegetarian restaurant on our veggie-dining site!  We chose Green Light Cafe because we hadn’t been there in a while and thought it might be a good place to start with the veg restaurants.

Green Light is located towards the top of Lexington Avenue, one of the hippest, most happenin’ streets in Asheville.  The walls are covered with local art that you can purchase from local artists, and it has a very laid-back, casual vibe.   It is attached to BoBo Gallery, a fun night-spot that hosts regular musical artists.

All of us (my hubby joined us again this time) had trouble deciding what we wanted to eat and changed our minds several times before finally ordering.   I’ve never seen us all have so much trouble making a decision.

AY – Yes, our first true vegetarian restaurant review . . . 

As Scoops said, Green Light is well suited for its location on Lexington Ave. It’s not a very large restaurant, but suitable for what it has to offer. As we perused the menu we were greeted by our server and tall glasses of green tinted water. The drop or two of chlorophyll in the water was a unique and welcome touch.

I ended up ordering the Citrus BBQ Bowl, which I chose to have wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.  AY chose the Jamaican Rice Mix Up and my hubby picked the Enchilada with Mole.  Ironically, once we ordered, AY and I decided to switch entrees since he liked mine better and I liked his better–at least initially.  AY’s Jamaican Rice Mix Up definitely seemed to live up to its name–it was mixed up.  It seemed to have difficulty deciding what it wanted to be.  It was sort of Latin, sort of Jamaican, but WAAAAY too heavy on the spice.  And that’s really saying something, coming from me.  It reminded me of the times where I’ve gotten in a hurry  while cooking and accidentally opened the “spoon” side of the spice jar rather than the “sprinkle” side and our quiche ended up tasting like Thyme Quiche with just the vaguest hint of eggs and vegetables.  My hubby’s was the same–his Enchilada tasted like it had been made by an Italian chef, which would be fine if Enchiladas weren’t supposed to be Latin.  It was like they were going for a fusion idea that just never quite made it.  The Citrus BBQ Bowl was tasty, but then again, it’s really hard to mess up BBQ.

AY – I agree with Scoops about the Jamaican Rice Mix Up being way too spicy, which is why I gladly accepted her offer to trade. I think it is difficult for a restaurant to do a variety of ethnic dishes well. There are certain subtleties that get lost in translation. My Citrus BBQ Bowl tasted okay; but there was something about the combination of ingredients that didn’t quite settle right in my stomach. Unfortunately, I probably wouldn’t order that dish again.

To be honest, both Scoops and I got “writer’s block” several times while doing this review. We really wanted to like our experience at Green Light and reflect that in our review; but it was hard to come up with great things to say.

I guess my favorite things are that 1.)  It’s yet another veg restaurant in a town that’s kind of becoming known for them (yay!), and 2.) I would probably be over the moon about the place if it didn’t already have such stiff competition.  Other good things–lots and LOTS of vegan options, with many other dishes that can easily be made vegan with a substitution of dairy cheese for non-dairy cheese.  Also, some delightful-looking smoothies, and a commitment to localism and buying from small farmers that is admirable.   It’s not my favorite veg restaurant in town, but you could certainly do worse.  I say give them a try and let us know what you think!


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