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So, you’re a vegetarian, or you just eat like one.   And you want to go to an Asheville, NC restaurant.  Maybe you’re a local, or maybe you’re just visiting.  You’re in luck, because Asheville is chock-full of awesome vegetarian/vegan locavore restaurants:  The Laughing Seed, Rosetta’s Kitchen, Green Light Café, Veg-Heads, Plant.  You could eat a different veggie entrée every day for a couple of months and never eat the same thing twice.

But what happens when your carnivorous friends don’t want to do the plant-based thing?  Or when you really want to check out the new tapas restaurant, or the new place everyone keeps raving about, but you don’t know what you’ll be able to eat there?  How veg-friendly are the chefs?  Will there be hidden meats in there (just for flavor) that they won’t tell you about until it’s too late?  Or what if you’re gluten intolerant, or eat only raw food, or vegan (or all of the above) and need to know what your options are there?

Never fear—Soy Lentil Green is here.  We’ll check out the restaurants for you, vegetarian and omnivorous alike, and let you know what your odds are of walking out of that place with a happy belly full of vegetarian goodness.  Two different perspectives, two different tastes—one great source for all things Asheville Veg.  We’re certain you’ll be surprised at how many options are out there.

Soy Lentil Green is people…who care about tasty vegetarian options.


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