Welcome to Soy Lentil Green!

So, you’re a vegetarian, or you just eat like one.   And you want to go to an Asheville, NC restaurant.  Maybe you’re a local, or maybe you’re just visiting.  You’re in luck, because Asheville is chock-full of awesome vegetarian/vegan locavore… Continue reading

Taste of Compassion is THIS THURSDAY!!

I don’t think there’s a better vegetarian event out there, and certainly not for a better cause.  If you haven’t had a chance to go yet, make this your year!  And if you have gone before, you know what I’m… Continue reading

Epic Tempeh Taco Challenge is Tomorrow, Y’all!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx9Fqj8aNe0&feature=youtu.be  Sounds like it will be truly…epic!

Pho Ya Belly Food Truck

Sandwiches can be such boring things:  a bit of cheese here, a couple of random veggies there.  If you’re lucky, you might get some nice garlic aioli or some interesting mustard.  Not so at the Pho Ya Belly food truck. … Continue reading

Congratulations to Chef Wright of Tomato Jam Cafe!

Congratulations to Chef Daniel Wright of Tomato Jam Cafe for winning the 2013 WNC Chef’s Challenge:  http://wncmagazine.com/wineandfood/wright/  He beat a lot of great chefs at a lot of impressive restaurants to win this title.  I’m so glad I… Continue reading

Tomato Jam Cafe

Once in a blue moon, you’ll find a happy little lunch spot that just seems to wrap you up in its warmth, coziness, and overall good vibes.  Tiny little Tomato Jam Café, located in a Doctor’s Park across from St.… Continue reading

Twelve Bones Smokehouse

“When I get a hankering for some good barbeque…”  Okay, you’ll never actually hear that come out of my mouth.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally get a hankering for a good barbeque restaurant.  I do.  Frequently.  Particularly when… Continue reading

Isis Restaurant & Music Hall

There are restaurants that are pretty easy to categorize, and then there are restaurants, like Isis Restaurant & Music Hall, that are more challenging.  On the one hand, when we walked in on their very first night last Monday, we… Continue reading

Aqua Cafe and Bar

Soy Lentil Green, at its core, has always been about celebrating restaurants that give vegetarians happy places to eat in Asheville.  We made a decision early on to be positive with our reviews–not to gloss over things that weren’t stellar,… Continue reading


Any time I’m in East Asheville (usually for a doctor’s appointment) I make it a point to try to get coffee and some sort of treat at Filo Pastries.  You know those rare places that, even though they aren’t expensive,… Continue reading

Village Wayside Bar & Grille

Lately, Sean and I have been trying to branch out.  There are some places that just seem like cool places to try, particularly for vegetarians, and there are some places that we have jointly taken one look at and decided… Continue reading

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